Town & City Use

“I saw the advert on the buses on Southbridge and it was such a clear and simple message that both my friend and I have actually started to pray…. It has had a big impact on me and I am sure it will on others. Thank you for doing it and reminding us all about God in this very materialistic world. Please keep going with the campaign. It is very important.” Sharon (via email), Edinburgh.

To run trypraying in connection with other churches in your area makes a great impact and demonstrates a unity in the Gospel.  It also opens up more possibilities of putting things into the public space with advertising.

A minister from a church in a town where trypraying was being used went on a school visit recently – all of the kids knew where the trypraying banners were in the town, and a number were happy to receive the kid’s version of trypraying.

As trypraying banners are being used from the north of Scotland to the south of England there is a sense of things happening across these nations. And in all places there is hunger for spiritual reality, and in all places it is OK to have conversations about our faith.

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