Use it and lose it 2019

The Logo

‘Trypraying’ is a non-threatening statement. It is an encouragement for anyone to talk to their Maker. We want it to feature in countless conversations in offices, cafés, homes, cars and even on the streets. It can become visible for all to see with banners, posters, car stickers and advertising.

The Booklet

The trypraying booklet is not for Christians. It is unapologetically for those outside the church: the irreligious and the self-respecting agnostic! It contains stories of answered prayer, ideas of things to do, important themes about how to connect with God and honest prayers. In essence it is an outrageous exposure to the grace and power of God. But it can also be a help to Christians!

The Project

It can also be a project for a church or group of churches. The core idea is to give everyone a copy of the booklet one Sunday and encourage them to check it out (Use it). Next week encourage everyone to look for a God-given opportunity to give the booklet to a friend (Lose it). They can encourage people by saying: “Try praying for a week and see what happens!” That’s it. Simple.



Churches in towns, villages and cities are trying something around April 2019. It’s a risky, whole-church activity that has everyone praying and getting into conversations of worth:

‘Use it’ – One Sunday everyone is given a copy of the trypraying booklet to use themselves.

‘Lose it’ – the next Sunday everyone is encouraged to look for a God-given opportunity to give the booklet to a friend, colleague or whoever they meet.

Subsequently we can ‘news it’ by asking people to tell the stories of what has happened as people have prayed and shared their faith.



Churches across the UK are making use of this initiative. Last year there were around 500 churches involved.  There were several multi-church town/city projects where bought advertising featured. The use of trypraying banners outside churches is widespread which adds to the gentle but slightly provocative invitation for people to begin to do life with God.

The phone app is an excellent resource making trypraying available globally to a paperless generation.

The heart of it all however is that simple step of people beginning to talk to their Maker. Being given the trypraying booklet with a straightforward encouragement to ‘try praying for a week and see what happens’ has been the starting point for many.

Join in!

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Use it and Lose it is about getting into conversations. A minister wrote about the booklet, “It’s a brilliantly simple, totally accessible and non-cringey booklet that any of us would benefit from personally but which has actually been written for people who aren’t religious.” So there will be many people for whom this is an easy and appreciated gift.

Start by praying – ask God to give you an opportunity to “give the reason for your hope.” Who should you give your booklet to?


Ask the person if they ever pray. You can then share something of your experience.

Or try this – “We’ve got a thing going on at church. We’re all using a booklet called trypraying. I think you would be interested to see it.”

When talking about life’s big issues ask; “Have you ever tried praying about this?”

Or how about – “Why don’t you try praying for a week and see what happens.”


Ask how did it go? What interested you? Ask whether they feel their view of God has changed in any way.

Did you manage to pray? Refer to stories in the trypraying booklet or the section on questions.

You could ask, ‘Did you pray the prayer on Day 5?’.  This is where a person can respond to God’s love and forgiveness.  Talk about what it means to be forgiven. Share your experience of understanding God’s love.

You could ask , ‘Did you pray the prayer on Day 6?’   Talk about Jesus promise to come in to our lives when we ask him. Share your own experience of Christ coming to you. Encourage them with his faithfulness to give new life to all who sincerely ask.

Perhaps they have already invited Christ to be part of their life.  If so encourage them in the adventure. If not you can ask what it is that is holding them back and see if you can help with that and/or pray with them about it.


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